Mihan frozen fruit ice cream to export

Today, ice cream is one of the most popular foods around the world,Mihan frozen fruit ice cream which has a special place among all classes, especially children, and the export of ice cream is one of the lucrative products, and in Iran, after pistachios, it is the second largest non-oil export. Ice cream is a frozen dessert, also called cold cream, which is made from dairy products with sugar or sweeteners and flavorings. Ice cream usually contains 10 to 16% milk fat.

Mihan frozen fruit ice cream to export

Classification of Mihan frozen fruit ice cream

Classification of Mihan frozen fruit ice cream

Today, different types of ice cream are made in different ways and using a variety of ingredients. But in general, ice creams can be classified into the following types:

 Dairy ice cream: refers to the types of ice cream in which milk and its products are the main ingredient in the mixture of ice cream and its fat is only milk. Cocoa or chocolate milk ice cream: It means milk ice cream that cocoa powder or chocolate has been used in the composition of the ice cream mix to the extent that it tastes like cocoa.

 Milk ice cream with nuts: It means milk ice cream that is used in the composition of ice cream mix of edible nuts such as pistachios,mihan frozen fruit ice cream for sale almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts in the form of crushed or sliced. Fruit milk ice cream: It is a milk ice cream that is used in the composition of ice cream mix from fresh fruit at a rate of at least 5% by weight or equivalent of other natural fruit products such as concentrate and powder.

Coated ice cream: Ice cream is said to have ice cream core covered with a layer of chocolate, cocoa or fruit. These types of ice cream are usually served in the form of wooden ice cream. Flavored ice cream: means ice cream with fruit and its products in the kernel or coating.

Fruit ice cream: It is an ice cream in which, in order to provide the desired taste, in addition to using natural flavoring materials, authorized natural flavorings have also been used on a natural basis. There are other categories of physical properties and packaging in the eyes of the people, including wooden ice cream, twin, twin, cup, kilogram, funnel, wicker and fruit.

Features of ice cream

Ice cream should have its own natural taste and be free of any unnatural taste. It should have a cohesive, one-handed and stable texture, the texture of ice cream should not be coarse, frozen, sandy, crisp and brittle. It should melt easily at the temperature of the mouth and should not stick to the tissue of the mouth. Coated ice cream should also be easily detachable from the wrapper and not stick to it.

Export data for Mihan frozen fruit ice cream

Export data for Mihan frozen fruit ice cream

The export of fruit ice cream in the world market has an almost balanced chart.

France has the largest export in the world with a share of 13%. After that, Germany with 12% and Belgium with 10% have the most exports.

Iran is also the 11th largest importer of ice cream compared to Germany, Britain and France.

The export market for this product in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Iraq, Portugal, Belgium and Spain has grown positively over the past five and one years.

France has also seen positive growth over the past year.

Iraq has the greatest potential for ice cream exports from Iran. China, UAE, Indonesia, Kuwait, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Oman, India, Qatar, Georgia and Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in Asia and Russia, Italy, Germany and Spain also have good export capacity in Europe.

Ice cream is one of the top food export items in the country,Mihan frozen fruit ice cream supplier despite the high sensitivity of this product in terms of creating the necessary conditions during transportation and their perishability are among the important successes of the food industry.

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