Consulting and ordering

Consulting and ordering

About us

The mission of Twenty on company is to establish the widest online network of international trade and ice cream products in global markets. Customer-oriented and Commitment to the highest quality, lowest price and timely delivery of goods. We Always follow the standard of the product.

  1. The possibility of sending samples of catalogs and brochures of products through social networks and email.

2-  Ability to send to foreign customers by air, sea or land depending on the destination country.

3- Payment of fees taking into account win-win conditions for customers.

Our products include: Traditional ice cream cone with chocolate fruit coated. Twenty-One Company is trying to offer its superiority products to its customers in order to save energy, both in the domestic markets of Iran and in the international markets.

  • Free consultation to buy products and other information
  • Possibility of exporting to other countries without any restrictions.
  • According to the contract, which is one of our obligations and we will spare no effort in this way to satisfy our customers.

 4- Possibility of sending samples of goods, catalogs and brochures of products through social networks, e-mail and sometimes by mail.


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