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Commercial ice cream

Commercial ice cream is made with six steps: Milk, cream, milk solids, sugars, modifying agents and flavourings are blended together in stainless steel vats. The mix is homogenised to create a consistent texture.



Traditional ice cream

Traditional ice cream came  first, and remains a favourite. Our Traditional ice cream is a fresh, creamy smooth ice cream with a natural creamy taste. There’s no added flavour — not even vanilla. Traditional is equally popular on its own or as an accompaniment to other desserts.


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Twenty-one company is active in the field of ice cream production and export commercial and traditional ice cream. Twenty-one company with the aim of producing and selling various types of ice cream, which started its activity in the field of domestic market and export (trade) in 1999 with the cooperation of Arad Holding, in order to expand its activities throughout Iran and the Persian Gulf and neighboring countries in the world market remained strong up to now. Twenty-one company ice cream products are being offered to domestic and foreign markets in Iran, which is one of the best and highest quality products. Twenty-one company always considers it its duty to enter the foreign market in the best type by exporting excellent products and appropriate pricing, so that consumers can make the best use of it. The vision of Twenty-one company Trading Company will be a dynamic, efficient, customer-oriented, ability-oriented organization that will rely on modern management systems and use appropriate opportunities in economic activities to guide its potential, and investing in new industries and Infrastructure in domestic and international instruments for desirable efficiency. It will take a step towards achieving its vision goals and effective trade, building a position for sustainable supply of advantageous and excellent products and becoming the most reliable, popular, active and profitable trading company with expert activity.



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